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Fram Craft 1 Final

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Objective: You play Ginger, a cute Farmer who overcomes challenge, after challenge, after challenge ... well, you get the picture. Sometimes there are many challenges on the same level. There are only 12 levels, however, some levels are rather lengthy, so don't let that fool you. The challenges vary greatly and build up to her building a mega farm to bankrupting the BIG BAD Agro Company!

I LOVE this game, as each level gives you challenges with no time limits, just a progress bar on the top left of the window that lets you know much of the level you've completed. You can make each farm as pretty or efficient as you'd like. Your only obstacles are your lack of "moo-lah", the resources available for purchase in the menus, your strategy and your imagination. I've given brief strategies on making record time because isn't that the objective in most time management games?

Complete a goal on the level, don't worry the level probably isn't over, another goal will appear and maybe another and another... If you can't keep track of the goals, select the goal task bar and a pop up menu will appear with a detailed goal list.
Just some notes or the basics: 
- Money doesn't carry over to the next level 
- Farm progress doesn't carry over to the next level 
- No time limit on levels 
- 4 crops of identical product fill crates 
- The by-products of animals fill 1 crate 
- The amount of seeds left in a bag is indicated by a number above Ginger's head 
- You don't have to purchase all supplies to complete a level 
- After a level has been passed, you can replay the level without starting from the beginning of the game. 
- Hired workers carry their own supplies and are part of the salary, thus making them profitable 
- Not all supplies are available on each level after their introduction 
- You can put crates full of products on ground they won't spoil 
- If you purchase a product from the store and right click before placing on ground, you'll be charged and won't have the product 
- Buildings come with the animals included 
- Some supplies become available later in current level after they have been introduced in a previous level 
- Hearts across crop square an animal building fill up when ready to harvest 
- Workers have an hour glass and need to be paid $100 when hourglass empties (can give Fertilizer helper a break to avoid costs) 
- You have no control over what crops Workers tend to and I found no sequence in how they work 
- Workers give you a clue as to when to pay their salaries with a "huh hum" or a "whistle" 
- Bees are the least time consuming revenue if you have the resources to support them 
- Animals don't starve if you don't feed them 
- Hiring workers can be profitable 
- Plant the crop that produces the most income 1st 
- Animal by products produce the most income per investment if you feed them right before the last red light expires orandandandandandand shortly there after 
- Plant fields in a 3 square height by a 4 square length with sprinkler between fields to maximize sprinkler usage 
- Have Ginger concentrate on harvesting crops with the most resale value and/or feeding animals and storing their by-products when you need to accrue money 
- Have Ginger concentrate on achieving the current goal or planning for the next goal while workers increase funds 
- Move sprinklers around with crane to avoid time consuming watering when funds are tight 
- Hire workers at the same time or when paying salaries to avoid looking for them all over the farm when their time is up. They will usually congregate somewhat close together, but not always, sometimes there's a stray

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