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Hanging Gardens of Babylon:

free Hanging Gardens of Babylon:anging Gardens of Babylon freegamezcity

The year is 605 BC and Egyptian assassins are quickly approaching Babylon city to try and conquer it. Only the Queen can stop the invasion, but she needs your help. Use your keen eye in this hidden object puzzle adventure to find the necessary items and save Babylon City!
I know it shouldn't but it still does feel strange to play the games where the main focus is on the hidden object levels in stead of the typical combination of the adventure, hidden object searches, and all kinds of mini-games. Hanging Gardens of Babylon focuses more on the hide-and-seek levels.
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In this game you go back to the anciant story of a Babilonian king and his wife. There is some history involved. You meet the characters in that moment when the king went to fight with the enemies while the queen is literally locked in the kingdom with the people who didn't go to the battle.
 She is tired of waiting and wants to actually do something. So you join her as she begins her own journey. The game does have a wanering part. But it is pretty simple in the way it works. You usually just need to open a door or do something simple like that. The mini-games are a part of your journey. They are pretty easy and not challenging.

There is one thing about the mini-games that you would notice right away. They don't tell you right away what to do, and you need to press the Help button in order to learn that. The hidden object levels are all over the place. They are not extremely challenging, but you do get a penalty for the wrong clicks.
 That penalty is for the points that you get for the hidden object searches. There are also hints for you on a rechargable basis. The game is not super polished but it still better than many of the genre.

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon was located in the east bank of Euphrates, South of Baghdad in Iraq. King Hammurabi was the most famous king of the Babylonian kingdom. Under his rule, the entire kingdom flourished. His son Nebuchadnezzar was the one who built the Hanging gardens of Babylon, one of the Seven marvels of world. Some stories have it that the Hanging Gardens went hundreds of feet into the air, but archaeological explorations have proved it wrong. The gardens did not really hang on the roof using cables or ropes. But derives this name from the fact that it was built on the roof top. According to the popular notion, Nebuchadnezzar built it to alleviate his wife's homesickness. He was married to Amyitis, daughter of the king Medes who seems to have had a passion for mountainous surroundings. Babylon's flat desert-like landscape made her pine for the mountains of Media where she was brought up. So the king decided to build an artificial, terraced hill lushly cultivated with trees and flowering plants. However some attribute this wonder to the Assyrian Queen Semiramis.
According to Herodotus, the outer walls of the garden were 80 feet thick, 320 feet high, and 56 miles in length. He said that it was wide enough for a four-horse chariot to turn. Inside the inner walls there were fortresses and temples containing immense statues of solid gold. The Greek geographer Strabo, describes it as , "the garden consists of vaulted terraces raised one above another, and resting upon cube-shaped pillars. These are hollow and filled with earth to allow trees of the largest size to be planted. The pillars, the vaults, and terraces are constructed of baked brick and asphalt."
However getting the water to the top and also avoiding the wreckage of the foundation once the water was released, posed a serious problem. Devising a workable watering system was more of a challenge than erecting the gardens. Babylon was an arid country and water from the Euphrates River had to be used to irrigate it. A chain pump was used to lift water to each level. A chain pump is two large wheels on top of each other. Buckets are hung on a chain that connects the wheels. The bucket goes into the water then comes up and goes into a new pool. The empty buckets go back into the water to be refilled. The water at the top is then emptied through into a channel gate that is like a artificial stream to water the gardens. Special care had to be taken while watering the garden because the garden ran the risk of collapsing if water were absorbed by the brick columns and foundation supporting the gardens.

The ancient accounts on the Hanging Gardens of Babylon are scarce. Although several ancient Greek writers describe them, none ever saw them. And, "hanging gardens" was never mentioned on any of the numerous clay-tablet records that archaeologists excavated from Babylon. What remains of the famed marvel is red brick rubble. Its estimated lifespan was only a century or so. The chief cause of its destruction was the lack of maintenance.
The year is 605 BC and Egyptian assassins are quickly approaching Babylon city to try and conquer it. Only the Queen can stop the invasion, but she needs your help. Use your keen eye in this hidden object puzzle adventure to find the necessary items and save Babylon City!

Hanging Gardens of Babylon is rare PC game with dazzling soundtracks and colourful scenery. After fascinate into this cool colorful Hidden Object, Puzzle game macrocosm you will experience this fantastical feeling again: transcendent fun of solving challenging riddles, no matter how challenging the are. Aside from that, in Hanging Gardens of Babylon you are challenged with several cheery mini-games. This breathtaking screenplay and colossal design makes cheery game interaction of Hanging Gardens of Babylon the best in it's class. Hanging Gardens of Babylon will gratefully entertain all worshipers of rare Hidden Object, Puzzle genre.

Hanging Gardens of Babylon PC game continues startling traditions of classical PC games of delicious Hidden Object, Puzzle genre. Hidden Object, Puzzle scenes look a bit cluttered sometimes, but in general Hanging Gardens of Babylon maps are eximious. Completely neat gameplay, larky depictions and harmonic sound effects in Hanging Gardens of Babylon PC game combined to take a header in the kingdom of invocations and adventures. Hanging Gardens of Babylon PC game is super place to be and play and have fun. Hopefully this short review of Hanging Gardens of Babylon helps you understand if you want it.


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