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Dream Chronicles 3: The Chosen Child

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AHey look, it's Dream Chronicles 3: The Chosen Child! The latest installment in the Dream Chronicles series has arrived, and it's as breathtakingly brilliant as everyone would expect. A little bit of hidden object finding, a little bit of puzzle solving, and a whole lot of adventuring can be found in this superb sequel, along with some of the most gorgeous scenery you've seen since looking out your own window (assuming you live in a fantasy world with fairies, fountains, and vibrant gardens). It's an excellent follow-up to the previous Dream Chronicles games and a fantastic game in its own right.

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In Dream Chronicles 3 you reprise the role of Faye who is in search of her missing husband and daughter, kidnapped by Lilith, the Queen of Fairies. Unfortunately it seems her memory has some, er, "gaps", as she lives in a tree house and remembers practically nothing of her former life. Not even her name! A helpful voice soon appears to help guide you on your quest, and before you know it the adventure begins, those trickster fairies pulling pranks on you at every turn.
 Dream Chronicles 3 is structured much like Dream Chronicles 2. Each area, which consists of half a dozen or more unique locations, has a set of puzzles to solve using items you find strewn about the landscape. Finding these objects is a straightforward affair, all you have to do is travel back and forth, scrutinizing the scenery for pieces of a machine, colored stones, keys, parts of a windmill, or whatever it is you're looking for. Often you'll pick up objects that don't seem to have a use just yet, and then again, sometimes you'll need to get your hands on something you just can't find! Carrying items between scenes is an important part of solving the intricate puzzles.


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