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Dress shop hop

Having a hard time completing Dress Shop Hop? We're not surprised - it's one of the toughest time management games out there! Hopefully our tips & tricks will help make the game a little easier.
In Dress Shop Hop you meet your goals by earning the amount shown on the top of the page.That money does not help you upgrade your equipment, the tips you earn will be what is used for upgrades.
The tips are small spools of thread that will roll on the floor when a customer gives you a tip. Once the thread has stopped moving, click on it to collect the tip.

In order to earn tips you must serve customers fast and you have to make sure that they have at least 3 or more hearts for you to collect your tip.
In most time management games, the main character can carry two items at a time, not so in this game. Bobbi is only able to carry one item at a time and so it's very hard to get a good chain going.
Sometimes you have to wait until 3 customers show up before you start placing them on the analyzers. This will help you make the best choices since you will be able to place the least patient customers first. You want to take care of them first since they will not be very patient in line.
If you want to beat this game, I would suggest upgrading your machines as soon as you're able to afford it. In order to make the most money you will need to serve the customers fast and get as many people through the door as possible. The more people you can get through the door before the clock stops the more money you will earn.

To those who are used to time management games in general, will not like the fact that you cannot queue things several steps ahead.You cannot have the machine automatically start making the next color fabric that you need. You have to wait for the machine to finish whatever it is doing and then click on the next color to start it.
You will get small chaining bonuses when you cash several people out in a row. Make and deliver all the outfits and once they have the dollar bill sign on their analyzer, cash all of them out one after another.
Color matching is one of the best strategies to win this game. It is better to lose some customers than to break your color bonuses. If you're not able to beat some levels, stick to color matching instead of trying to serve every single customer. A good example of this is in the 2nd shop, 3rd level in which you have a lot of people coming through. If you were to serve everybody that came in you would lose a big chunk of your color chaining bonuses.

I always tried to place a different color on each analyzer so I could maximize my color chains as much as possible. It's OK to have an empty space once in a while on the analyzer, just make sure to keep matching colors and eventually somebody else will come along that can go on the empty spot.
For every match you make on the same analyzer your times will be multiplied by ten. For example if you've made 9 matches on an analyzer, you will receive 90 extra points for matching colors so many times in a row.
You will also need to buy power-ups such as beverages to keep the customers happy. The happier they are the bigger the tip will be. Beverages give your customers hearts a good boost, give them something to drink while they are waiting and they will be calmer longer.
You can also give them beverages after you've handed the client their purchases but before you cash them out. Giving them a drink before you cash them out will boost their heart rate by one extra heart per drink. This is a great way to make a last minute tip.

Placing the client on the analyzer automatically adds one heart to them. This will come in handy when people are in line and they only have one heart left, this short boost will allow you to hopefully get them a drink or give you a chance to serve them quickly.
You cannot pick up the beverages when your hands are full, so make sure that your hands are empty before attempting to pick up any drinks.However,you will be able to cash somebody out even if your hands are full so multi task by cashing people out on your way to do something else.
When you have served all your bottles except one and you have angry people in line, make sure to serve the last bottle even if it's not needed. That will give a chance for the beverages to refill themselves so you can have a fresh supply for your next set of customers.
Mannequins are a great way to boost your income since people will pay twice as much for an outfit that is on display. Before you serve any clients, make up an outfit and place it the mannequin. Certain types of customers will come in and want to buy whatever is hanging.

Put an expensive item on the mannequin, like a patterned dress, so that more people will buy that item and you'll get more cash.
Make things in advance so you can save time when things get hectic as the level nears to an end. Prepare 2 or 3 extra pices of cloth so you can make outfits faster as the customers request it. You can also prepare certain outfits that are on the mannequin since you know certain people like the movie star and the overweight lady are going to definitely buy it.
Buying the accessory machine early on in the game is a good way to earn some extra money so you can meet your goal. Make sure to pay attention to the people that request certain items because you have a limited amount of time in which to give it to them.
If you don't get accessories to the clients in time you will have to throw the item away and it will cost you money. Let's suppose you made a belt for someone but you did not get to deliver it to them on time and nobody else wants it. If you had delivered it in time you would have earned $50 but since you did not $50 will be taken away from your total.

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