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Mystery Trackers 4: Four Aces Collector's Edition final

Mystery Trackers 4: Four Aces Collector's Edition final free full version game to download get free link freegamezcity
Stop a devious conspiracy in Mystery Trackers: Four Aces! The entire town of Brightfield was evacuated after a series of bizarre animal attacks. Now, strange creatures roam the streets, danger lurks around every corner and you’ve just landed smack in the middle of it all. As you begin to investigate, you discover that the attacks may have been part of a whole series of crimes committed in town, all tracing back to an organization called the Four Aces. But just who are the Aces and what is their plan? With the help of your trusty canine companion, Elf, you must keep digging to get to the bottom of things. Good luck out there, Detective. You’re going to need it!


Hanging Gardens of Babylon:

free Hanging Gardens of Babylon:anging Gardens of Babylon freegamezcity

The year is 605 BC and Egyptian assassins are quickly approaching Babylon city to try and conquer it. Only the Queen can stop the invasion, but she needs your help. Use your keen eye in this hidden object puzzle adventure to find the necessary items and save Babylon City!
I know it shouldn't but it still does feel strange to play the games where the main focus is on the hidden object levels in stead of the typical combination of the adventure, hidden object searches, and all kinds of mini-games. Hanging Gardens of Babylon focuses more on the hide-and-seek levels.


Farmington Tales final

Farmington Tales final free full version game to download get free link freegamezcity

 Welcome to Farmington Tales! Let's get farming in this unique Hidden Object farming simulator hybrid. Plant crops, nurture animals and run the farmer's market! Search the farm for rare treasures. Complete quests and hang out with a quirky cast of folk. Build upgrades like a silo or bridge! Plow, plant, water and harvest the perfect crop, even eggs, milk, and wool!


Jojo's Fashion Show 3: World Tour

get free full version

Scissors at the ready, ladies and gentlemen. Your favourite fashion designer is back with JoJo's Fashion Show: World Tour, the latest in the style-swapping time management series, this time developed by iWin. This time around, JoJo's daughter, Ros, has finally struck off to pursue her own career, leaving JoJo in need of a new assistant. After some rather unqualified applicants, she settles on Hayley, a young and talented designer hungry for success of her own. But is Hayley really as sweet and devoted to JoJo as she seems? How far is she willing to go to get to the top? And will you care? Probably not, since it's hard to get very riled up about a story that plays out with three pieces of dialogue or less in between stages. But you don't come to JoJo for life-changing drama, and what she lacks in story depth she more than makes up with the fast-paced fashion matching you've come to enjoy, now in brand new locations. And yes, it's faaaaabulous. Mostly.

Mayan Prophecies: Ship of Spirits Collector's Edition Final

 Mayan Prophecies: Ship of Spirits Collector's Edition Finalfree full version download freegamezcity get link
 Climb aboard an ancient Spanish galleon lost in time as a Coast Guard officer tracking an elusive criminal in Mayan Prophecies: Ship of Spirits. As you explore the vastness of a ship lost in time, what mysteries will you uncover amidst its Mayan idols, menacing sea creatures, and exotic treasures? Find out in this exciting new Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game on the open seas!
This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version.

Jojo fashion show 2 Las Cruces

free and full game Jojo fashion show 2 Las Cruces
Moreso than any other industry, haute couture can be a brutal field – one week you’re in... literally the next, out. Case in point: Jojo’s Fashion Show 2, which, while building on its predecessor’s successful formula, fails to turn quite as many heads. Despite offering more of what casual gaming fans already know and love (clothes, styles, chic-themed challenges, etc.), the title feels more like a glorified expansion pack than proper sequel, even if longtime admirers will hardly be disappointed.
Having recaptured the limelight last season by coming out of retirement to stun the world of high style, star designer Jojo Cruz is back alongside her daughter Rosalind. Now, they’re making the rounds at Los Angeles, Berlin and other international hotspots’ Fashion Weeks to introduce new clothing collection Las Cruces – this time for men as well as women.
As such, returning players are assured (at least in theory) double the range of garments, styles and accessories to tinker with. Unfortunately, new photo shoot options aside, from the core campaign (Runway mode) to virtual dollhouse-type extras (Dress Up mode), what you really get here is mostly just more window dressing... not major game enhancements.

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